Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today i decided to steal my friends blazer..which she gracefully let me have and very happy that she did!. I wanted to be like a little tomboyish today so i went for the rebellious preppy school boy. The shirt is by Phillip Lim who is one of my favorite designers at the moment! obsessed with his new collection! everyone should check it out!. My boots are all saints and my jeans are form Gap. 
I feel today is gonna be one of the last warm day that we will have this year so i decided to take advantage of it and dress very light with a little bit of layering. 
I love the preppy look but have to have a little edge just so that i don't feel like I'm ready to be dropped of at an all boys school.. 
And i also decided to push my hair forward.. which i NEVER do....Hows everyone dressing for the weather?? 

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